How to Become a Member

Interested in joining The Hartford Club? Contact the Membership Department for a tour and learn how to apply


  1. Application is submitted to the club office. The Membership Manager will conduct an orientation of the Club’s policies and procedures.
  2. Membership Manager sends the applicant a letter stating timeline of approval and assigns an identification number. During this period, the applicant, his/her spouse and any dependent, unmarried children up to the age of 21 may begin to use the club until he/she is elected to membership.
  3. Prior to official approval, a Board Member interview is conducted with the applicant.
  4. If all is acceptable, the applicant’s credentials are presented and voted on at the Board Meeting. Applicant is invited to the following New Member Reception, where he/she will meet Board members.
  5. The applicant becomes a member on the first day of the month following the Board meeting approval.
Contact Carol Catrini for more information on Membership.