Guest Information

Our Club takes great pride in entertaining our guests. Our staff is committed to ensuring that all guests receive utmost attention and service while dining and engaging in Club or private activities.

Cell Phone and Electronic Devices

Cellular phone use is not permitted in the Dining Room. While cellular phone use is permitted in the common space of the Club, we ask our members and guests to be courteous and mindful of others. Smart phones, laptops, iPads, and other devices may be used for purposes of business in the Member Lounge; however, at all times phones should be set to silent or vibrate so not to interfere with other members' or guests' enjoyment of our facilities.

Dress Code

Business Casual is the accepted form of dress in all areas of the Club with the exception of the Main Dining Room on Friday and Saturday evenings.  Jacket and tie are appropriate and encouraged on all floors of the Club.  Jackets are required in the Main Dining Room on Friday and Saturday evenings.  The following are NOT acceptable: Denim of any kind, shorts, athletic attire, ripped or worn clothing, sneakers, sport sandals, flip flops, T-shirts or other collarless shirts.  This dress code is applicable to Members, Guests, and Private Event attendees.  It is the Memberís responsibility to inform their guests of the dress code.